Zoopreme takes home the win

This Saturday, Zoopreme won the Undisputed Masters VI in Malmö. Rico Coker a.k.a. Zoopreme grew up just a stone’s throw away from Malmö on the other side of the Øresund Bridge in Denmark. Rico also spends a lot of his time in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) as he is a member of The Ruggeds crew.

Rico’s victory was impressive. His emphasis lay on his style of dance complemented with some nice power moves. “In the beginning of breaking everyone did the same moves. It made you interesting by adding a personal touch to it and then it is important that you can just dance to a beat. For some, that’s the original form of breaking. In the 17 years that I’ve been dancing I’ve seen a lot of people use their personality, but there was a time when power moves were really important. People were good at crazy moves or crazy shapes and holding weird positions, but I think people are starting to think more about dance and personality and steez.”

We congratulate Rico with the win!

The Line Up
– Lil G (Venezuela)
– Victor (USA)
– Phil Wizard (Canada)
– Kid Karam (United Kingdom)
– Zoopreme (Denmark)
– Zeku (USA)
– Alkolil (Russia)
– Grom (Russia)
– Lllz (Canada)