Born and raised in Canada, Phil Wizard is a member of United Rivals and 7 Commandos crew. He started breaking in late 2009, at the age of 13, when he saw N.O.N crew doing street shows in downtown Vancouver. At the time he was looking for a hobby and quickly fell in love with breaking.

His original B-Boy name was ‘Phil from the Wizards crew’, in reference to his first crew, The Wizards. People then started calling him ‘Phil Wizard,’ for short, and the name stuck.

N.O.N crew became Phil’s first teachers. He was also shown a lot by B-Boys JBugz and Reflex from Soul Felons crew. Through YouTube, Phil was inspired by breakers such as Moy and Menno, and also Hong 10 and Wing, who he’s now in 7 Commandos with.

Phil has a very creative, fluid and intricate flow to his style that he says naturally formed from hours of training, enjoying the dance and being influenced by those he practised around.

Big competition wins for Phil include winning the 2017 Red Bull BC One LA Cypher and winning the 2018 Red Bull BC One Canada Cypher. He’s also proud of being the 2018 Undisputed World Champion as a result of winning the finals of the World B-Boy Series.

Breaking is Phil’s main focus, and his goal is to financially sustain himself through his art. In the future he says he may expand into other dance styles and mediums, but right now his obsession is breaking.


"I really blew up after I won Undisputed. I think that's when I realized I had gotten to more of the higher end level of the breaking world"