Born in Malaysia and raised in the UK, Sunni has impacted the breaking scene since he was young. He strives to create out-of-the-box moves with an intricate, unpredictable flow. He’s a member of Black Market and Brkn’ Nest crew. Sunni is also a Red Bull BC One All Star.

Sunni was an active child, who started breaking in 2006 aged 10, as another after-school activity to add to the many he was already doing. An epic battle at the 2011 UK B-Boy Championships, with B-Boy Hong 10, helped elevate his name as one of the best upcoming breakers of the time.

Since then Sunni has amassed a long list of championship wins at battles all over the world. Including winning the 2015 Notorious IBE Super Solo battle and taking victories at the 2015 Unbreakable Championships and at the 2015 Freestyle Session Europe solo competition, as well as winning the UK B-Boy Championships two years in a row (2016 and 2017).

What also drives Sunni competitively is his desire to always battle against, and beat, whoever is the best breaker in the competition line-up that day. He always wants to have memorable battles that leave a lasting impression.

In breaking, Sunni is driven to maximise the talent he has found within himself. Being accepted by the culture and seeing other young breakers also working to build careers as B-Boys and B-Girls, are also things that continue to fuel Sunni’s passion for the dance.


"As soon as I started dancing, I fell in love with it and it kind of took over my life."


United Kingdom