All elements of hip hop and urban street culture are built on competitiveness and none more so than Breaking aka Breakdance. The art of Breaking is practiced across every corner of the globe and attracts people who come to witness competition on an epic scale. In 2024 Breaking will make its debut at the Paris 2024 Olympics. Breaking will be presented as a new, exciting and vibrant olympic sport.  Undisputed Masters was established in 2014 by a collective of frontrunners and community leaders

32 of the world’s best Breakers, 16 men and 16 women will compete in the biggest battle arena known to the sport, or is it culture?

New Undisputed Masters concept 
 – Open prelims on the day of the event.
 – Solo men, solo women and crew categories
 – All invited Breakers enter competition from prelims
 – The events are unique and showcase of Breaking on the road to Paris 2024. No championship series, No rankings.
 – Judging will be according to Trivium judging system. 
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