New York 2023

No better place to visit in the 50th year of Hip Hop than New York.  Kanato from USA/Japan took the win in the first ever Undisputed Masters Junior Battle. New York’s own Sunny Choi secured a win for the hometown in the women’s category and Hiro10 from Japan won the men’s competition. The biggest win was for La Nueva religion a mixture of Puerto Rican, Dominican and American Breakers. They brought the swagger and bagged 4000 USD and the title. Sunni and Hiro10 will be invited to the World Final in Japan on March 16-17 in Tokyo Japan.


16 May 2023


26 Bridge New York


Kanato (usa)
Sunny (usa)
Hiro10 (japan)
La Nueva Religion (int.)


Renegade (uk)
Crumbs (usa)
Candy (usa)
Steve KHZ (usa)
Jiggz (usa)
Spin (uk)


Nobunaga (holland)
DP One (usa)


Nemesis (usa)
Swifty (uk)
Mario Bee (holland)

Invited talent