Sao Paulo 2023

For the first event on the South American continent the Undisputed Masters traveled to the mighty city of Sao Paulo. Fighting through an injury B-girl Luma from Colombia took the win in the women’s category and after his second place at the Undisputed IBE Kley from Brazil lived up to the expectation and won the men’s competition. The 5 vs 5 Crew battle was won by The Big Players / Team Manos Caps after beating the Funk Fockers crew. The São Paulo event was a massive succes and already the 2024 edition is looking to become the biggest competition of the year.


18 November 2023


Audio Sao Paulo


Luma (colombia)
Kley (brazil)
The Big Players (Brazil)


Renegade (uk)
Candy (usa)
Arex (colombia)
Spin (uk)
Mixa (brazil)
Migaz (brazil)
Negao (brazil)
Miwa (brazil)


Nobunaga (holland)
Khan Fu (uk)


Killa Kela (uk)
Swifty (uk)

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