The Notorious IBE 2023

The Undisputed Masters at IBE may well be one of the best competitions of the year. In a crazy high level of competition B-girl 671 from China claimed the women’s solo title and B-boy Monkey Z also from China took the w in the men’s competition. But the crew battle turned out to be the cherry on the cake with world class crews Team China, From Downtown (France), Bodycarnival (Japan) and Formless competing in the final four. Bodycarnival defeated Formless 4-3 in a breathtaking final battle.


4-5-6 AUGUST 2023


The Notorious IBE Festival Heerlen


671 (China)
Monkey Z (China)
BodyCarnival (Japan)


Renegade (uk)
Storm (germany)
Crumbs (usa)
Candy (usa)
Focus (Finland)
Maikel Walker (holland)
Fox (Cyprus)
Jurski (holland)
Bo (Holland)
Squarez (holland)
Genetics (South Africa)


Nobunaga (holland)
One Up (france)
T-Sia (france)
Amazeme (greece)
Lucas Benjamin (holland)


Tyrone (holland)
Mario Bee (holland)
Nemesis (usa)
Swifty (uk)

Invited Judges, DJ's, Hosts